In Traditional African Spirituality, the dead are honored, respected and seen as our eyes in the spirit world. We are able to connect and communicate with them through libation, Ritual ceremonies, dreams, Visions, Astral Projection and Divination.
After death, the last thing to leave the human body is the air element, specifically Sound. When the soul exits the body, it remains in our dimension for 40 days and night before making its way onto the water that separate our world from the spirit world.
The high sciences of African Vodou requires special funeral rites for every soul that ends its journey in our realm especially those that die unnatural, violent and unfortunate deaths. Special Ritual ceremonies are performed during the first 40 days of death or before burial.
When a person dies, there's usually a divination done by an Amegashie (Oracle) or Ifa priest to see if the cause of death was natural. And if it isn't natural, the soul of the dead will be questioned by the priest for the family. ceremonies, soul ties that need to be cut and along the other things that need to be done to help the soul ascend to its spiritual house or rightful place among the stars in the cosmos.
This rule applies to every soul on planet earth.