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Its Known in African Vodou that every human being is divinely connected to a star in the sky, with an assigned mission, Destiny, purpose and life contract. we all have the Good/Bad destiny but when the bad outweighs the good, we are faced with never ending problems.

This reading is highly recommended for those ready for initiation into priesthood, those experiencing serious difficulty with life, this reading helps you get to the bottom of what is going wrong in your life and how to fix it.
This is a Consultation & Divination session with your Personal Star/God Self accompanied by your ancestors and authority from your cosmic house to find out what your destiny is, what to do in order to reach your full potential and have a much simpler life. 
This reading provides clarity and understanding on your life purpose and what the actual meaning of this lifetime and journey is for you. Your Akashic Records will also be opened to see what past life karmic debts may be disturbing you and how to correct them.

Do you want to start a new business but you're not sure if you should? Want to leave your Job for another? many Questions pertaining to your personal life?
this reading will let you Discover your True Destiny. during this session, you will Rediscover your true purpose in life and begin to walk in your destined path.


PLEASE NOTE: Upon booking this session, you will receive 1 spell breaker soap & sponge for a 7-day cleanse before the reading is done. 


*Necessary cleansing/apology rituals will be done remotely
*provides Clarity and understanding to your life purpose
*Realignment to your God Self/higher self/Personal Star
*Learn how to honor your Higher Self
*Walk in the path of your Destiny
*Assists you to fulfill your life's mission and purpose
*Learn how to create your higher self Altar
*Learn what to put on your higher self altar
* Learn how to do your higher self weekly offerings and prayers
*Spiritual Diagnosis and Prognosis
*Discover your cosmic point of Origin
*Akashic records Revisited for information on your souls history and previous lives lived.
*Discover your personal star’s journey
*Learn your soul & star’s history on our separated timelines.


A request will be sent to your ancestral house in the cosmos to bring you and some ancestors to come and share details of your existence.
some of your ancestors and family deities there may come with your Star to assist with this session by adding on more details and other information that may be necessary for you to hear in order to progress in this realm.
This reading is done by Torgbui Asimapim II. who is the lead temple keeper and mouthpiece of the Ancient Sun God, Rah/Ra and THE Stated Spiritual leader of the 36 Volta state across the region.
Remote Rituals will be performed to remove necessary on your behalf if should in case there is something blocking your path of success, remove spells or financial blockages.


In order to prepare for your session upon booking, kindly send your Full name, DOB, Day of the week you were born (type your birthday in google) in order to call your star.
Write down any questions (up tp 10) you may have for your Higher Self/Personal Star.
After Rituals are complete there will be a follow up session to confirm things went well and offerings were accepted.
( this will be a audio /video call)
See you then!

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