PERSONAL STAR COACHING -Renewed every 4 months

PERSONAL STAR COACHING -Renewed every 4 months

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Work on your Personal Star Realignment and get 1-on-1 guidance from me during your spiritual journey, for as long as you feel until you are ready to move on. 

This Coaching Course will assist you to prepare your physical body to be realigned with the spiritual body/light body.
To help Realign you to YOUR Higher Self, or YOUR God Self and walk in the path destined to you, there are some self care commitments expected from you.
(this requires focus and seriousness from you)

Following the path destined for us is the only way to avoid the repetition constant problems in life and the to stop the hampster wheel of reincarnation.

Once realigned with your Personal Star, it's automatic to fulfil your purpose in this lifetime, you become the full intended God self, Fulfilling your Soul Contract, paying off Karmic debts.



Before anything is said or done, your Personal Star will be consulted, to inquire how the journey will go. a general Diagnosis and Prognosis is made by your God Self. Then a list if things that need to be done. A basic yet detailed step by step guide will be provided by your personal star and Ancestral spirits, altar set up etc...
Your God Self tells us what your soul contract is in this life, what can be altered and what karmic lessons will come up, which to avoid and which to endure. In addition to these things, there will be quantum healing work done for you by my God father Torgbui Nyigblanua II



You will receive a custom Ritual Box with particular items to assist you on your journey.  A Ritual Bath for cleansing will be Recommended along with certain Candle work from your star to clean the physical body and light body. (this is a custom bath included in your box)


-Written Material
-Box of spiritual Tools
-Private time -(3 Hours a week)
-Phone & email Access
-Bi-weekly Guided Rituals

Please Note:
There is a screening process prior to acceptance.
This is a requirement from my spirits to protect my spiritual space, energy and Auric Fields. Thank you. If you are not accepted, you will receive a full refund.
I hope to see you soon!!
Many blessings and abundance.
Mama Azizaa