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Introducing our Traveler's Spiritual Kit, designed to help you cleanse and set up a positive energy space during your travels:

1. Cleanse Me Ritual Bakhoor/Incense: This specially curated blend of aromatic herbs and resins is perfect for cleansing your new or temporary space. Burn the bakhoor or incense to purify the energy, remove any negative influences, and create a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

2. Extreme Attraction Oil: Our powerful attraction oil is formulated with essential oils known for their ability to draw positive energies and opportunities towards you. Use it to anoint yourself, objects, or specific areas in your travel space to enhance attraction energies.

3. TSA Approved Size Bottles: These convenient travel-sized bottles allow you to carry the ritual bakhoor/incense and extreme attraction oil with ease during your travels while complying with TSA regulations.

4. Wall of Protection Tools: This kit includes various tools such as protective crystals, small talismans or amulets, or symbols that can be placed around your travel space as a wall of protection against negative energies or unwanted influences.

5. Setting the Mood Items: Enhance the spiritual tone in your new travel space by including items like candles (LED if flame isn't allowed), small altar decorations, calming music playlists, or personal affirmations that resonate with positivity and relaxation.

Remember to always follow local regulations regarding open flames or burning materials when using incense products during your travels.

This Traveler's Spiritual Kit aims to create a harmonious environment wherever you go while inviting positive energy and protection into your temporary living spaces.

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