Our Vodou Seal Pot collection is valuable for those interested in harnessing the power of Vodou to manifest specific intentions. By carefully selecting and consecrating the herbs, roots, stones, and symbolic items within the pot, we created these potent vessels that aligns with your desired outcome.

The combination of these elements within the Seal Pot allows for the amplification and focused channeling of energies. These pots can greatly enhance your ability to connect with spiritual forces and manifest your intentions in alignment with Spirits.

It's important to approach working with a Seal Pot collection with respect, reverence, and an understanding of the pot. If you are new to Vodou or unfamiliar with the practices, it is recommended that they seek guidance from our experienced practitioners who can provide proper instruction on how to work effectively with these sacred tools.

By utilizing a Seal Pot collection in your spiritual practice, individuals may find themselves better equipped to invoke powerful energies aligned with their intentions within the framework of Vodou.

Hang the pot in your space or bury in your yard and blow the powder included. Read the directions attached to your choice of pot.

Chat with us if you need more details. 

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