The initiation process to become a Vodousi (Vodou priest/priestess) can vary among different communities and lineages within the Vodou tradition. Vodou is a diverse and complex spiritual practice with roots in West African traditions, particularly among the Ewe and Fon peoples, and it has evolved in various forms in different regions.

A general overview of the initiation process:

1. **Spiritual Calling:** 
There is always a calling from the Vodou to become initiated to & work with them.   - Individuals who feel a calling to become a Vodousi may experience signs or visions indicating a connection with the spirits.

2. **Consultation with a Vodou Priest/Priestess:**
- Seek guidance from a qualified Vodou priest or priestess. A divination will be performed to determine if the individual is truly called to serve the spirits and undergo initiation.

3. **Spiritual Cleansing:**
- Before initiation, the candidate must undergo spiritual cleansing rituals to remove negative energies and prepare for the connection with the spirits.

4. **Preparation Period:**
- The initiate will enter a period of preparation, during which you will learn about Vodou beliefs, practices, and the specific spirits associated with your path.

5. **Offerings and Rituals:**
- Offerings and rituals are performed to honor the spirits and seek their guidance and blessings for the initiation.

6. **Building Altars:**
- Altars may be constructed to serve as sacred spaces for communication with the spirits. Offerings, symbols, and ritual tools may be placed on these altars.

7. **Ancestral Connection:**
- An acknowledgment and connection with ancestors will be emphasized, as they play a significant role in Vodou practices.

8. **Initiation Ceremony:**
- The initiation ceremony is a sacred and often secretive event which involves ritual ceremonies, prayers, and symbolic actions that establish a deep connection between the initiate and the spirits.

9. **Revelation of Guardian Spirits:**
- The Vodou initiate may be introduced to specific guardian spirits (Vodou) who will guide and protect you throughout your spiritual journey.

10. **Integration into Vodou Community:**
- The newly initiated Vodousi may be integrated into the Vodou community and may have specific responsibilities within the spiritual and social context.

It is crucial to approach Vodou initiation with respect for our traditions, culture, and guidance of our experienced practitioners. Seek permission before participating in or observing any Vodou rituals, and always prioritize authenticity and cultural sensitivity.

Welcome home, and to the tribe!