Spiritual WiFi is a community platform created with knowledge and understanding of the universal order of Oneness. At Spiritual WiFi, we believe we are all connected to a Greater source of Power that connects us all on a larger grid using spiritual technology to link us to the Universal Creator.
However, we do understand that not everyone gets the same level of strength with the signals of connection to the source.
At Spiritual WiFi we use a Stronger and more reliable Spiritual Technology and knowledge to Connect our "Modem" the Ancient, present and Futuristic Sun God, affectionately and divinely known as Ra or Rah.
This is also known as the Krystos consciousness or the Christ consciousness. The fact that we cannot see the grid doesn't mean it doesn't exist, or that we are not connected to it. Here, you will understand the ancient metaphysical practices of West African people, How to use it to help your community and attain Cosmic Sovereignty...
As known in Ewe Vodou, humanity is currently undergoing an Ascension period, and Each human being is being called to prepare themselves for their physical bodies to be aligned with the Spiritual bodies.
In West African Vodou, it's understood that every 3 thousand years, our planet is hit with a new wave of consciousness that uplifts our frequency to match that of what the earth will be.

Our Mission is to help you all prepare for this Ascension by teaching you how to heal yourself and adding your own magick to what you learn here. Rituals for preparing the physical body to be aligned with the light body.
Spiritual Wifi is a community Platform created to inspire those on a spiritual journey to learn about their Lineage, ancestors, history and bloodline and cosmic tribe.
Learn the Metaphysical explanation of indigenous African practices and Exchange and Ideas on how to help yourself during this mandatory planetary Ascension.
Here, you will understand the ancient metaphysical practices of West African people, (Vodou) learn
how to use it to help yourself and community, how to use it to break generational curses and attain Cosmic Sovereignty.
Word for word, Vodou means FREEDOM in the Ewe language But it also translates to Spirits.