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Our Brand new Triple Fast Action EXTREME ATTRACTION Perfume Bath water is Carefully Crafted with herbs and roots to assist you attract and manifest a romantic partner without  any potential problems.

Soaked in authentic Attar (from Dubai and India) and a combination of powerful herbs, We added other ingredients to empower this sacred anointing bath water, with additional perfume waters and pheromones to make you irresistible to others.

When used with intention and prayer, you will attract and easily manifest yourself a romantic partner or a business partner once intention and personal magic is added when oil is applied.


Add a few drops to wrist and rub on your neck, behind ears, heart, throat and ankles.

or add to you bath water. rub on body as desired. spray in your personal space.

Use to anoint your body, bless or consecrate your altar tools, your seals, to bless your altars, and to empower your spiritual baths.

Add to your mopping solution.

Sprinkle a few drops around and in your house, store, shop or office and Say your wishes or a mantra as you apply oil. Focus on your desires and visualize yourself living it.


* Pheromone concentrate Makes you Extremely attractive to everyone you will meet.

* Heightens your success rate of finding love

* Makes you desirable by others

* Makes others want to be around you 

* Attracts financial opportunities

*Attracts good Luck

Use wisely and may the odds, and spirits be in your favor! Manifest like a beast!