In Ewe Cosmogony, each human being is divinely connected to one star in the cosmos. This is known as "The Personal Star" or "Mawu Ese". Some western cultures refer to this as Higher Self or the God Self.

Humanity is Divine and therefore part of the Holy Trinity representing the son, during the holy Drama of creation. We Understand that it is your star that does the mathematical calculations as to when and where you will be born, what your physical body will look like, how your future will be, marriage and children if any, where you will live, whether you will be rich or poor, career, friends etc...

Within this star, there is one's Destiny, which is divided in 2 (TWO):

1. The Good Destiny

2. The Bad Destiny

Your Star also holds the Key to:

3.Your Soul Contract

4. Your Soul's Path

5. Connection to Ancestors

6. Connection to Ancestral Deities.

7. Connection with your Chosen spirit guides. 

In African Vodou, Every Family/Bloodline has a particular place in the cosmos that their personal stars reside permanently, this is known as the Ancestral house/Cosmic house (Afedo) which is also guarded by the Cosmic or The Zodiac Gods.

When on a spiritual journey, the best thing you can do for yourself as a human being is to get a Personal star Reading where your Star will be invited to speak about your Destiny. Give you precise diagnosis along with a prognosis.