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Welcome to our Mamiwata class!

1-on-1 Class


 Understanding Mamiwata through History: This part delves further into the historical references and accounts of Mamiwata across different cultures or regions where they are revered. It will provide a deeper understanding of how these water spirits have been perceived and interacted with throughout history and their intergalactic point of origin.

  Alignment with Mamiwata: We will explore the concept of realignment with Mamiwata as human counterparts, discussing what it means to be aligned with these powerful beings and how it can impact one's life path or spiritual journey greatly.

 Things to Do When You Have a Mamiwata: You will learn practical guidance on how to engage with a personal connection or relationship with your specific mamiwata spirit. This may include rituals, offerings, prayers, or other practices that can help foster a harmonious connection.

 Gaining Favor from Mamiwata: This section covers techniques or approaches for gaining favor from mamiwata such as demonstrating respect, offering appropriate gifts or acts of devotion, and cultivating a genuine relationship based on trust and understanding.

 In-depth Coverage of Different Types of Water Spirits/Mamawata: The class will provide an in-depth exploration of the various types or manifestations within the realm of water spirits/Mamawata. This includes discussing different characteristics, attributes,and roles associated with specific types within this pantheon.

We believe the origins and history of Mamiwata is still shrouded in the African Spiritual traditions of Dahomey Vodou. These spirits have been closely associated with water for centuries, and many believe that the Mamiwata come in the form of mermaids or female water spirits, -but there's more to that. and this class delves into it all.

By joining this class you will learn about connecting with the Mamiwata in ritual and prayer, you will also learn to access this powerful force and use it to bring balance, cleansing and spiritual guidance and protection into your lives. 

We will also learn how to connect with Mamiwata and use this connection to enhance our daily lives. 

Learn how to channel the power of these spiritual guardians with immense dedication and practice, in an effective way.

See you in class