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 Welcome to our African Vodou Workshop 



Here's an overview of the topics covered in this class:

 The Different Deities and Their Purpose: We delve into an exploration of the hierarchy of deities within West African Vodou, their characteristics, roles, and purposes. Participants can learn about different Deities associated with specific aspects of life or areas of expertise.

 Soul Recycling & Reincarnation: This section delves into the belief that souls are eternal and undergo a process of recycling or reincarnation and other practices within African Spirituality and how it relates to our personal growth and spiritual evolution.

 Ancestor Elevation (Dzogbe): Ancestor elevation refers to honoring and elevating one's ancestors to a higher spiritual status through ritual ceremonies within African Vodou. This topic covers rituals, practices, or ceremonies related to ancestor elevation and its significance in your spiritual growth.

 Different Sectors of Vodou: Yeve Vodou, Goro Vodou, Mamiwata: This part introduces you to different sectors or branches within African Vodou practice such as Yeve Vodou (traditional ancestral worship), Goro Vodou (Foreign warrior spirits), Mamiwata (water spirits). We touch upon their unique characteristics and some rituals associated with each sector.

 Learn the Difference Between Etror (Pantheon Spirits) and Voodoo: This topic aims at clarifying distinctions between Etror - pantheon spirits from other traditional Vodou Spirits/deities/Gods -and general concepts/practices related specifically to each Etror and Vodou.

The workshop duration is 1 hour with an additional 20 minutes allocated for answering questions at the end. Participants will have access to written materials, including a curriculum worksheet, upon registration. These resources will be made available through provided links, ensuring participants can prepare and engage with the content prior to the workshop, retain information and practice it.

If you have any further questions or if there's anything else we can assist you with regarding this workshop or any other inquiries, please let us know!

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