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Our Brand new Triple Fast Action Domination Soap is Carefully Crafted with goat milk, herbs and roots to assist you dominate your life, situations in the work environment, business partners or lovers and keep your skin smooth supple and moisturized.  

Soaked in authentic Attar (from Dubai and India) and a combination of powerful herbs for several months, We added  other ingredients to empower this sacred soap, with essential oils, additional perfume concentrates and pheromones to make you irresistible to others while you dominate them.  

When used with intention and prayer, you will mesmerize everyone you come in contact with when our Domination oil is applied.  
for a more powerful and faster results, use with our CROWN OF SUCCESS OIL or our DOMINATION oil. 


Use soap in place of your body wash until it’s finished and remember to say a mantra/prayer or our Powerful one line Mantra provided on the soap label. 

Bath and apply our Domination oil for extra effective results. 

Use wisely! 

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