M.O.M. (Mamiwata Oracle Mist -Divination)

M.O.M. (Mamiwata Oracle Mist -Divination)

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Welcome to our magical world of Mamiwata Oracle Mist.

This ancient divination perfume mist is carefully crafted with secret recipes passed down from our ancestors, who were taught how to make it by the Mamiwata beings themselves. Our ancestors used this divine potion when they sought answers from the Gods of the Mamiwata pantheon.

Our ancestors first interacted with these intergalactic beings and cosmic bodies, learning the secrets of these potions that were used to summon the mamiwata pantheon and make offerings for requests or especially Divination. 

This mist brings clarity and divine guidance for those seeking the answers of the Mamiwata pantheon like no other. Our process begins with ingredients naturally derived from the spiritual energies of the earth, like our signature blend of ylang-ylang, bergamot, sandalwood, and patchouli.

The M.O.M - Mamiwata Oracle Mist serves as a conduit for communication with water deities, allowing you to tap into their wisdom and guidance. As you spray this mist, its enchanting fragrance envelops your space, creating an atmosphere that invites the presence of these divine beings.

During your divination sessions, use our M.O.M - Mamiwata Oracle Mist to enhance your connection with water spirits. Its unique blend of flower water, perfume oils, and anointing oils amplifies your intuitive abilities while providing protection during spiritual practices.


With every pump you will experience a clear and heightened sense of intuition and clarity during divination to answers life’s most important questions. There is no better way to understand the timeless wisdom of the mamiwata pantheon than through this traditional divination mist.


Mamiwata Oracle Mist, a divination tool specially crafted for connecting with water spirits. This mist is created using a popular and powerful flower water traditionally used by Mamiwata initiates and priests/priestesses in West Africa. Blended with exquisite perfume oils and anointing oils, it brings clarity and enhances your divination sessions.

Embrace the power of clarity with our M.O.M - Mamiwata Oracle Mist as you embark on a journey of deepening your relationship with water deities.

Let it be your trusted key in opening the realms of clarity, receiving messages from the spiritual realm, and experiencing profound connections with these mystical entities.

note: A perfumers dilution agent is added to convert the oil into perfume  

Use wisely.

Wear as you would your regular perfume, spray  behind ears, wrist, elbow crease, belly button and ankle.


*Enhances psychic abilities

*Induces dreams and visions

*Assists with Astral projection

Perfect for Mamiwata Priests/Priestesses during Divination or other spiritual works





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