HIGHER SELF READING (Personal Star Reading)

HIGHER SELF READING (Personal Star Reading)

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A Higher Self reading is a consultation with your personal Star (God Self) to discover your Souls true purpose/destiny in this lifetime.
This Divination Session helps answer all your burning questions about who you are, what you are here to do, and how to reach your greatest potential, and much more.

Are you ready to leave your job, end a romantic relationship, start your own business or a new job, cutting cords with a toxic friend, or anything else relating to your personal life? Then this is the reading for you.

How to reach your fullest potential,
Heighten your intuition

* How to find fulfillment in life and all you do.
* Learn how to cleanse & Enhance Your Aura
* provides Clarity and understanding to your life purpose
* Realignment with your God Self/higher self/Personal Star
* Learn how to honor your Higher Self
* Walk in the path of your Destiny
* Assists you to fulfill your life's mission and purpose
* Learn how to create your higher self Altar
* Learn what to put on your higher self altar
* Learn how to do your higher self weekly offerings and prayers
* Spiritual Diagnosis and Prognosis

Find out what your God given Destiny has in store for you today!

In order to properly prepare for our session kindly send your full Name, day & date of birth In order to call your star.

*I will send my spirit guides to your Ancestral house/Cosmic house, and they will bring your star to come and speak to you.
some of your ancestors there may come with your Star to assist with this session by adding on whatever information may be necessary for you to hear and apply to your life and spiritual wellness journey.

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