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Introducing our versatile Vodou Clay, a multi-purpose chalk crafted for spiritual use. Whether seeking protection, performing cleansing rituals, or connecting with Vodou spirits, this sacred chalk serves as a powerful tool in your spiritual journey.

Key Benefits

Spiritual Protection: Carry the Vodou Clay in your bag or purse for continuous spiritual protection, creating a shield against negative energies.

 Personal Use: Activate the protective properties by wetting your palms, rubbing the clay in your hands, and applying it to your face and skin. Allow it to dry, knowing you are surrounded by spiritual fortification.

Painting and Cleansing: Transform your spiritual rituals by using the Vodou Clay as paint during cleansing or bathing ceremonies. The clay can be applied to draw Vévés or specific symbols during rituals, fostering a deeper connection with Vodou spirits.

 Vévés Drawing: Enhance your ceremonial experience by using the chalk to draw intricate Vévés, sacred symbols in Vodou, during ritual ceremonies. This ritualistic art form facilitates communication with the spiritual realm.

 Spiritual Polishing: Crush the chalk and add perfumes or perfume powder to create a polishing mixture. This personalized blend can be used to enhance and connect with your spirits on a deeper level.


1. For Protection: Keep the chalk in your bag or purse for ongoing spiritual protection.

2. Personal Application: Wet your palms, rub the chalk into your hands, and apply it to your face and skin. Allow it to dry naturally.

3. Cleansing and Painting: Use the chalk as paint during cleansing rituals or paint specific Vodou spirits. Apply during rituals or ceremonies for spiritual connection.

4. Vévés Drawing: Employ the chalk to draw Vévés, creating a sacred space for communication with the spiritual realm.

5. Spiritual Polishing: Crush the chalk and add perfumes or perfume powder to create a personalized polishing mixture for your spirits.

Unleash the mystical properties of our Vodou Clay, a sacred tool that transcends its form to become an integral part of your spiritual practices. Elevate your rituals, connect with Vodou spirits, and embrace the transformative power of this multi-faceted spiritual chalk.