Realignment with your God self/Higher Self and destiny is a fundamental aspect of African spiritual traditions and initiation processes which involves reconnecting with the inner self, the divine, and aligning your life purpose or destiny and to become a master of YOUR DESTINY.

Here are some key points related to this crucial step in Ewe Vodou/spiritual practice:

 **Self-Discovery and Inner Reflection:**
- Initiates are often encouraged to engage in deep self-reflection to understand their true nature, strengths, weaknesses, and life experiences.

 **Spiritual Cleansing:**
- Purification rituals and ceremonies are required to cleanse the initiates of negative energies, past traumas, and obstacles that may hinder spiritual growth.

 **Understanding your Destiny:**
- Initiates explore their life's purpose and destiny, seeking guidance on how to align your actions with your higher calling.

 **Acknowledging Ancestral Influence:**
- Recognizing and honoring the influence of ancestors is often part of this realignment process. Ancestors are considered vital in our African spiritual systems, and acknowledging their role can be integral to the initiation journey and in-depth learning.

 **Connecting with the Divine:**
- The process involves establishing or re-establishing a connection with the divine, acknowledging and embracing a higher power or one's Higher Self.

 **Seeking Guidance from Spiritual Elders/Leaders:**
- Spiritual leaders, such as priests, priestesses, or elders, play a significant role in guiding initiates through this process. We offer wisdom, divination, and insights into your spiritual path.

**Integration of Morality and Spirituality:**
- Initiates learn about the moral and ethical principles inherent in their spiritual tradition. This integration is crucial for leading a balanced and harmonious life.

**Preparation for Further Initiations:**
- Realignment serves as a foundational step, preparing you for more specific and advanced initiation processes tailored to your spiritual path.

It's important to note that the specifics of the realignment process can be different for everyone and their destiny. The journey of initiation is deeply personal, and the guidance of our experienced spiritual leaders is often sought to navigate this transformative phase effectively. 

Welcome home and we wish you many blessings on your spiritual journey!

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