•   A first divination will be performed to find out what spirits walk with you and the path you are destined to take.
  •  A privacy agreement will be signed before the second divination. which is when your spirits and ancestors will be called and questioned regarding their requirements for initiation and in order to work with you after initiation. 
  •  An NDA will be signed along with required 50% deposit from initiate to proceed 
  • The Name(s) of your Spirits will be revealed along with their role(s).
  • Preparation toward initiation must begin -carvings, and other supplies. buying items required for initiation. 
  • A full or partial payment (50 %) is required to proceed with further preparations. 
  • The initiate-to-be must begin to take classes (required) to learn more about their spirits and what is required from an initiate, morally and spiritually.    
  • A complete payment is required 2-3 months prior to initiation date.
  • Flight and Luxury accommodations in Ghana  
  • Arrive in Ghana at least 5-7 days prior to initiation to begin cleansing rites.
  • After ceremonies, a third divination will be done to confirm with spirits if everything went well and and if they have received their offerings and required items. And most importantly, if they are in alignment with their initiated counterpart. 
  • When this First step is complete, the real learning and practicing begins. 
  • There will be a 2-3 year learning period for every initiate and the first 6 months of these classes will be included with initiation fees. 


All Inclusive Initiation Package includes:

* Flight itinerary
* Airport Pick up & Drop Off
* 14 night stay at a 4 star Apartment/hotel (with kitchen, your own room & ensuite bathroom)
* 3 night stay in a 4-star hotel/Apartment in Keta (single occupancy) during initiation.
* Head Washing Ritual 
* Spiritual cleansing and Healing Rituals
* Initiation & Realignment Ritual Ceremonies
* 5 Star restaurant recommendation
* Luxury Transportation for places w/ itinerary
* All Excursions and Entrance Fees to visiting sites.
* Group Security
* Ewe language class
* Private phone time and Zoom classes before and after initiation
* Protection Rituals
* 1-on-1 divination with Nyigblanua Asiimapim II (face to face)
* Sacred Body painting Rituals 
* Private History Class
* Private Vodou Class (includes divination)

And much more!