CUSTOMIZED BOX -Married Couples Only

CUSTOMIZED BOX -Married Couples Only

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Please understand that this box is specifically designed for those in serious relationships and married couples. Our goal is to assist you in enhancing your connection, intimacy, and overall well-being within your relationship.

Here's what will be included in your custom box:

1. A 30 minute Consultation: This consultation is not a divination but an opportunity for us to listen attentively and gain a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics, goals, and desires. It allows us to provide personalized guidance and recommendations based on our expertise.

2. Two Customized Ritual Herbal Baths: These specially crafted herbal baths are tailored specifically for couples in serious relationships or marriages. They are designed to promote relaxation, emotional connection, attraction and overall harmony within the relationship.

3. Four High Vibrational Ritual Oils (30 ml bottles): These ritual oils are infused with high vibrational energies that align with enhancing love, passion, communication, or any other specific intentions you may have for your relationship.

4. Three Ritual Bakhoor/Incense: The ritual bakhoor/incense included in this box creates an aromatic experience that enhances the energy of any sacred space and or romantic setting within your home.

5. Two Salt & Herb Baths (Large): Our salt & herb baths are formulated using powerful ingredients known for their cleansing properties while promoting love and harmony within the relationship.

6. Two Spell Breaker Soaps (14-days): These soaps are specifically designed as part of a 14-day practice aimed at removing any negative influences or obstacles from your relationship journey.

7. Two Natural Sponges: Included in the box are natural sponges that can enhance various bathing rituals or intimate experiences between partners.

8.Three LARGE Ritual Candles: The large ritual candles provided can be used during rituals or intimate moments to create a romantic ambiance while focusing on specific intentions related to love, Sex, spiritual and emotional connection with your partner

In addition to the above items, we also include natural aphrodisiacs to further enhance your intimate experiences and overall well-being within your relationship. These include:

- Oshun Royal Jelly or VoodooPu$$y Jelly: These products are known for their properties that can promote sensuality, pleasure, boost libido and heightened experiences.

- 1 Pu$$y Perfume (large): This perfume is specifically designed to enhance feminine energy and allure.

- 1 Yoni Wash: The Yoni wash is a gentle cleansing product formulated for maintaining feminine hygiene and promoting overall vaginal health.

- 1 VoodooPu$$y oil (Yoni oil): This oil is crafted with specific ingredients aimed at enhancing pleasure, lubrication, and sensitivity during intimate moments.

- 1 Bushman Butter (For Him): This product is exclusively available with this box option and is designed to support male sexual health and performance.

Please note that the contents of the box may vary slightly based on your specific needs and intentions. We will carefully select items that align with your desires and intentions.
We are here to listen, understand, and assist you in finding the perfect tools for deepening your connection. Let us help you create a custom box filled with items that resonate with both of you on an intimate level.

Together, we can nurture love, passion, communication, and overall fulfillment within your relationship journey.




* A 30 minute Consultation (This is not a divination)

* 2 Customized Ritual Herbal Bath 

* 4 High Vibrational Ritual Oil (30 ml bottles)

* 3 Ritual Bakhoor/Incense

* 2 Salt & Herb Bath (Large)

* 2 Spell Breaker soap (14-days)

* 2 Natural sponge

* 3 LARGE Ritual Candle

* Natural Ahprodesiacs

- Oshun Royal Jelly or VoodooPu$$y Jelly

- 1 Pu$$y Perfume (large)

- 1 Yoni Wash

- 1 VoodooPu$$y oil (Yoni oil)

- 1 Bushman Butter (For Him) Only available with this box option