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Our Quick Action Extreme Attraction Perfume Bath Water is a carefully crafted blend of herbs, roots, and authentic Attar from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It is designed to assist you in attracting and manifesting a romantic partner or business partner without any potential problems.

This sacred anointing bath water has been empowered with additional perfume waters to enhance its attraction properties. When used with intention and prayer, it can help make you irresistible to others.

By incorporating our Quick Action Extreme Attraction Perfume Bath Water into your rituals or personal magic practices, you can experience the following benefits:

- Attracting a romantic partner: The combination of powerful herbs, roots, Attar, perfume waters, and pheromones works together to create an energetic field that draws potential partners towards you.
- Manifesting a business partner: This bath water can also be used to attract the right business partner for your ventures by enhancing your magnetic presence.

It is important to note that while our Quick Action Extreme Attraction Perfume Bath Water can assist in attracting others towards you, personal intention and magic are crucial elements in the manifestation process. By applying the oil with focused intention and incorporating your own magical practices or prayers alongside its use, you amplify its effects.

Embrace this sacred anointing bath water as a tool for enhancing your ability to attract romantic or business partners. Remember that true connection goes beyond external attraction; it requires genuine compatibility and shared values. Approach this practice with authenticity and respect for yourself as well as those who may be drawn towards you.



Add a few drops to wrist and rub on your neck, behind ears, heart, throat and ankles.

or add to you bath water. rub on body as desired. spray in your personal space.

Use to anoint your body, bless or consecrate your altar tools, your seals, to bless your altars, and to empower your spiritual baths.

Add to your mopping solution.

Sprinkle a few drops around and in your house, store, shop or office and Say your wishes or a mantra as you apply oil. Focus on your desires and visualize yourself living it.



* Pheromone concentrate Makes you Extremely attractive to everyone you will meet.

* Heightens your success rate of finding love

* Makes you desirable by others

* Makes others want to be around you 

* Attracts financial opportunities

*Attracts good Luck

Use wisely and may the odds, and spirits be in your favor! Manifest like a beast!