HIGHER SELF DIVINATION (Personal Star Divination)

HIGHER SELF DIVINATION (Personal Star Divination)

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Welcome to our Signature transformative experience of a Higher Self reading aka A Personal Star Reading. This divination is a direct connection with your personal Star, also known as your God Self, to uncover the true purpose and destiny of your soul in this lifetime.

Prepare to have all your burning questions answered about who you are, what you are here to do, and how to reach your greatest potential.

If you're ready for significant life changes such as leaving a job, ending a romantic relationship, starting your own business or new job, cutting cords with toxic friends, or any other personal life decisions, this reading is specifically tailored for you.

Here are some of the incredible benefits you can expect from a Higher Self reading:

1. Reaching Your Fullest Potential: Discover how to tap into your innate abilities and talents in order to unlock and maximize your fullest potential.

2. Heightened Intuition: Learn techniques and practices that will help enhance and trust your intuition as an invaluable tool on your spiritual journey.

3. Finding Fulfillment in Life: Gain insights on how to find deep fulfillment in all aspects of life by aligning with your true purpose and passions.

4. Cleansing & Enhancing Your Aura: Receive tailored guidance on cleansing techniques that will help purify and strengthen the energy field surrounding you (your aura).

5. Clarity & Understanding of Life Purpose: Gain profound clarity about why you are here on Earth at this time and understand how it fits into the grand tapestry of existence.

6. Realignment with Your God Self/Higher Self/Personal Star: Experience a powerful realignment with the divine essence within yourself - reconnecting with the wisdom and guidance of higher realms.

7. Honoring Your Higher Self: Learn practical ways to honor and integrate guidance from your higher self into everyday life choices for greater alignment with divine flow.

8. Walking in the Path of Destiny: Uncover insights into what steps need to be taken along this path towards fulfilling your destiny, and how to navigate challenges along the way.

9. Higher Self Altar: Discover what sacred objects or symbols you can place on your higher self altar to deepen your connection and create a sacred space for communion with your divine essence.

10. Spiritual Diagnosis and Prognosis: Receive a spiritual diagnosis of any imbalances or blockages that may be hindering your progress, along with guidance on how to overcome them.

Embrace the opportunity to discover what your God-given Destiny has in store for you today through a Higher Self reading.

Prepare for profound insights, clarity, and guidance as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, purposeful living, and spiritual alignment.


How to reach your fullest potential,
Heighten your intuition

* How to find fulfillment in life and all you do.
* Learn how to cleanse & Enhance Your Aura
* provides Clarity and understanding to your life purpose
* Realignment with your God Self/higher self/Personal Star
* Learn how to honor your Higher Self
* Walk in the path of your Destiny
* Assists you to fulfill your life's mission and purpose
* Learn how to create your higher self Altar
* Learn what to put on your higher self altar
* Learn how to do your higher self weekly offerings and prayers
* Spiritual Diagnosis and Prognosis

Find out what your God given Destiny has in store for you today!

In order to properly prepare for our session kindly send your full Name, day & date of birth In order to call your star.

*I will send my spirit guides to your Ancestral house/Cosmic house, and they will bring your star to come and speak to you.
some of your ancestors there may come with your Star to assist with this session by adding on whatever information may be necessary for you to hear and apply to your life and spiritual wellness journey.

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